Obama is pressing his agenda but there are more important issues at hand

President Obama United Nations

President Obama met with the United Nations in New York on Sunday to forcefully press his foreign policy agenda, which includes global development and climate change. Obama’s schedule is packed with meetings with world leaders this upcoming week, and indeed there are a lot of issues that need serious attention.

Not surprisingly, more pressing issues have overshadowed the President’s goals such as Russian, Syria and Iraq. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Obama will both address the General Assembly on Monday.

On Sunday, while urging wealthy nations to contribute more to the refugee crisis, President Obama spoke how he would continue in the work on his global development agenda even after his presidency that ends in 2017. The outline of Sunday’s speech seems to be very similar to some of the Pope’s key points when he addressed Congress this past week.

Speaking on his climate change agenda, he asked for emissions commitments from the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and urged the world leaders to complete an international agreement before the talks in December that will be held in Paris.

Obama will also be meeting with Raul Castro on Tuesday, the first time the leaders of the U.S. and Cuba have met in an official diplomatic setting in more than 50 years. He is hoping that the relations between the two countries will be advanced to the point of him making a trip to the island some time next year.

Monday will be the first time since the Iran Deal was signed that Obama and the Iranian foreign ministers will meet.

Looking at everything, it would appear that the President’s goals are less geared towards working with the UN to solve world problems and more focused on securing his legacy.

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