Number of homeless people in Tokyo has reached a record low

According to the latest statistics to be released by the metropolitan government of Tokyo, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, the number of homeless people in the world’s largest city reached a record low in August, at a minuscule 1,697. That’s the lowest that the number has gotten since Tokyo began taking the survey back in 2002.

That number is a fraction of the 6,721 homeless people that were reported in Tokyo back in 2004, and is even more impressive when you consider the fact that Tokyo and the surrounding area has a population of 13.4 million. The Shinjuku and Shibuya wards, 2 major districts in Japan’s capital, saw the largest decrease in homeless people.

A metropolitan government official by the name of Hiroki Motoda claims that the decrease in the number of homeless people in Tokyo is due in large part to the support that’s offered by the city, including including temporary housing provision and employment advice. He also added that “Older homeless people tend to have health issues, and so they apply for social welfare. They stop living on the streets.”

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