Not the Onion: New Mike Huckabee ad is so cringeworthy you’ll think it’s a parody

Mike Huckabee Ads

This is embarrassing and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee should feel ashamed. His campaign’s new ad is so bad that you will wonder if it was produced by The Onion as a parody against Mike Huckabee. Yes, it’s that bad.

From the poor use of Adele’s “Hello” contorted with ludicrous lyrics to strange shots interwoven together like a high school video scrapbook project, this video fails across the board. They try to use local restaurants to give them cred but it jumps the shark in the very beginning by recommending the pork chops. From there, it gets much, much worse.

For a campaign that is struggling to stay relevant (if it was ever relevant at all), this video seems more like a team having fun before the inevitable end of the ride.

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