Netanyahu does a round of Sunday morning interviews to warn of bad Iran deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made no effort to hide his contempt for a “bad deal” being made between the United Nations and Iran. Rather than point to the security of his own country, he has done his rounds on Sunday morning news shows to warn of an arms race brewing with Sunni nations in the Middle East in response to allowing Iran to continue their nuclear ambitions.

When asked on CNN about his “tense and uncomfortable relationship” with US President Barack Obama, he said, “I don’t think this is a personal issue, not between me and the President or the President and me.”

He continued, “We had a respectful hour-long conversation the other day as befits two allies, two democracies, and Israel views the United States as its great ally. I think the America has no greater ally in the world than Israel, but we do have a difference in opinion. It’s a difference in policy, not a clash of personalities.”

The deal that’s currently on the table is being heralded by many as a victory for the people of Iran who have been crippled by UN- and US-imposed economic sanctions. The details of the deal have come under scrutiny as being too light with not enough safeguards that can actually prevent Iran from achieving their nuclear weapon ambitions. Their claims that they are pursuing nuclear energy as the primary reason for uranium enrichment has been pushed aside in recent weeks.

In essence, everyone knows they want the bomb and most pretenses have been put aside.

When asked if he trusts the President, Netanyahu replied, “I trust that the President is doing what he thinks is good for the United States but I think that we can have a legitimate difference of opinion on this because I think Iran has shown to be completely distrustful. It’s not a country that you can place your trust in and it’s not a country that you’re going to resolve its congenital cheating.”

The Jewish nation is the size of New Jersey and is surrounded by people who want to destroy them, including Iran. This has never been in question as the negotiations have continued, but now the prospects of other countries in the Middle East that fear Iran such as Saudi Arabia is shifting Netanyahu’s talking points. Iran is known to have participated indirectly in terrorist activities against the United States, Sunni Muslim nations, and Israel. However, they have remained untouched outside of the sanctions.

“I’m not trying to kill any deal. I’m trying to kill a bad deal,” Netanyahu told NBC, adding that the current plan “leaves the preeminent terrorist state of our time with a vast nuclear infrastructure.”

Here is his interview on CNN:


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