Most Americans want congress to reject Iran deal: CNN poll

John Kerry Iran Deal

A new CNN/ORC poll of 1001 Americans shows that 56% want Congress to reject President Barack Obama’s and Secretary of State John Kerry’s deal with Iran. The United Nations has sponsored and approved further actions on the deal, but the United States must comply with the terms in order for it to be realized. 

In the same poll, on 38% said they approved of the way that President Obama has handled the relationship with Iran. Problems cited with the deal include a perception that the large sums of money that Iran will receive for the deal will be used to sponsor terrorism.

According to Christian Today:

In the same poll, half of the respondents were asked “Do you favor or oppose an agreement that would ease some of those economic sanctions and in exchange require Iran to accept major restrictions on its nuclear program but not end it completely and submit to greater international inspection of its nuclear facilities?”

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