Mitsubishi’s green efforts

Mitsubishi Green Efforts

It seems as though everywhere we turn, we’re hearing predictions of a harsher, more uncomfortable climate in the future.  With these predictions we are forced to do something humans don’t typically enjoy; we’re forced to confront our own mortality.  Unless we clean up our act, the Earth will become uninhabitable as a result of one key theory; global warming.  Due to this theory, many companies and individuals have made movements toward living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle; a lifestyle called the green movement.  As time goes by, more people are flocking toward companies that conduct their business in a green fashion. 

As the green movement has taken a stronghold on our country, there have been hundreds of watchwords thrown around, words like sustainability and preservation.  Restaurants make an effort to purchase their food items from local suppliers in order to cut down on the usage of gasoline used to transport them.  Businesses have replaced machines that consume massive amounts of energy in favor of more efficient copiers, printers, and computers.  Even construction groups have made strides to build using more environmentally sound materials so as not to further impact the planet with harmful substances or high-impact resources.

Mitsubishi is ahead of the game in terms of their environmental efforts.  They’ve enacted certain guidelines within their company that contribute to our natural resources rather than rob us of them.  With these efforts, they’ve become committed to reducing their impact on the planet in the production of their vehicles.  Not only does their company stance apply to production, but also to any corporate offices, functions, dealerships, and other workplace based activities.  They also have taken strides the better the communities in which they are located or their vehicles are driven, by ensuring the lowest possible emissions and pollution.

As a small part of their Vision for 2020 program, Mitsubishi makes continuous strides each year in order to maximize their contributions to society and minimize their impact.  The Vision for 2020 focuses largely on how Mitsubishi intends to increase their foothold in every aspect of their business, but also lists some of the ways they’d like the maintain as low of an environmental impact as possible.  Listed in the proposal are efforts to engage is the responsible production and conduction of business including the way they’re generating power, a reduction of the emissions their vehicles produce, and how many electric powered cars they’re producing.

One of the leading causing of global warming, according to experts, is harmful CO2 emissions that come largely from cars.  At the urging of the government, we’ve been urged to carpool, ride bikes, and walk when we can.  Part of Mitsubishi’s global vision is to reduce the CO2 emissions of their cars by 25% by the end of 2015.  They’re also trying to make more vehicles that are powered by electricity, as they produce very little in the way of harmful emissions.  An addition concern of the Mitsubishi company is that they’re working to use less harmful substances in their products.

As they continue to strive for a better way of life, Mitsubishi has also taken similar efforts in their corporate offices and factories.  They’ve raised the temperature of their air conditioning systems and have switched to more energy efficient units.  In additional efforts, they’ve changed their operating hours in order to work during different hours to minimize consumption of energy.  In a nod to conservation, the Mitsubishi Corporation has made a commitment to study their energy usage and manage their production to operate more efficiently.  Many of their operations have been streamlined in order to remain fully immersed in their environmental programs.

An ancient proverb says that we have not inherited the earth, we have simply borrowed it from our children.  A great deal of energy efforts have been taken by many countries in the world to ensure a better way of life for our future generations.  To ensure that Earth’s children have a safe and happy place to raise their children is the best possible way of life, and knowing that a company exists that believes in these principles is a refreshing thought.

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