Mazda by the Numbers

Mazda By the Numbers

Some cars are functional, some cars are practical, and some are good looking.  We buy cars for a number of reasons; some of us shop around and some of us dive right in.  We may look for a vehicle that gets great gas mileage and fits within our budget, or we may look into what a car will do for our street cred.  No matter what our intentions, for many of us, our cars end up being an extension of ourselves.  We spend an estimated 4 years of our lives driving, so it is no surprise that our cars tend to contain many of the important facets of our lives.

So what does an everyday person look for in their car?  Some people sought function, affordability, and safety features.  Others prefer for their car to look good, and for it to be fun to drive.  What if each and every driver on the road could have it both ways?  What if there was a vehicle that was both fun and funky, but affordable and practical as well?  When we try to conjure an image of a car associated with fun, a lot of people think of one brand in particular; Mazda.

For many years, Mazda’s primary ad campaign was centered around showing people that their cars were a lot of fun to drive.  However, what most people don’t know about Mazda is that they’re also very reasonably priced, they offer a great array of features, and they’re incredibly low maintenance cars.  They may not have the same popularity of some of the bigger name automakers, but it could be argued that they should, as many Mazda owners, past or present have nothing but good things to say about their cars.  Efficient, functional, fun, and affordable; what more can a driver ask for?

While sedans may have fallen off the map in terms of popularity, Mazda is still producing a modest lineup of fairly priced, stylish vehicles that offer excellent gas mileage without sacrificing your youthful spirit in the process.  They’re numbered series of vehicles may not get the attention that some others get and Mazda loyalists want to know why not.  The Mazda sedan lineup isn’t extensive or overdone.  These cars aren’t visually amazing or ostentatiously designed.  They’re pretty simple, and when we have a handful of decisions to make on a daily basis, simple is key.

  • Mazda 3 Five-Door – This petite beast of a car is designed the way drivers want. It’s not flashy, but it is quite stylish.  The exterior is streamlined to inspire confidence, while still exuding an impressive amount of funky style.  The interior is focused on the driver, and what is most important to said driver; driving.  There are features that allow for maximum safety and minimum time with your eyes off the road, while other features play to your needs like convenient access to your on-road entertainment and the most up-to-date impressive technology.  Starting under $20K, the Mazda 3 Five-door is the gateway to fun driving for nearly everybody.
  • Mazda 3 Four Door – For those who still want a low priced and super-efficient vehicle without the hatchback, Mazda offers the four-door version of the 3. Available in eight fun colors and seating for five, this vehicle is functional and fun.  Offering close to 190 horsepower and maintaining an impressive 40 miles per gallon combined, the Mazda 3 is the perfect car for young professionals, college students, or older adults.  Priced to sell at under $18,000 and loaded with safety features, the Mazda 3 is one impressive little machine.
  • Mazda 6 – For starters, the Mazda 6 is a multiple award-winning vehicle. It has won the Highest Ranked Appeal among Midsize Cars for the past two years from J.D. Power and Associates, and it has also been awarded a superior rating for Front Crash Prevention from IIHS.  Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology optimizes the engine, the drivetrain, and the transmission to give drivers the surefire drivability that they need.  It also offers 185 horses and also gets 40 miles per gallon with a price tag coming in under $22K.  Have a little fun, and keep things practical with the Mazda 6.

Too many decisions are set up to make us feel like adults when we just want to have a good time.  However, our bills don’t get paid from binge-watching Netflix or taking cooking classes, so we have to be adults at least some of the time to keep a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and a mode of transportation to get us to and from the place that pays us.  However, not all of these experiences need to be unpleasant and adult-centric.  The Mazda lineup of sedans allows us to explore our whimsical sides and have a little fun on the way to collect our paychecks.  Don’t ignore the inner child within, let her have some fun!

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