Low sex drive in women could be causing Hong Kong’s baby drought

Low sex drive in women could be causing Honk Kong’s baby drought

The Hong Kong Family Planning Association has published a new study that blames women’s low sex drives for the city’s extremely low birth rates. According to the association the birth rates for every 1,000 women back in 1981 were recorded at 1,933. That number has fallen to just 1,285 births for every 1,000 women as of 2012.

The city’s family planning authority conducted a poll among 2,100 ethnic Chinese women between the age of 21 and 40. Six out every ten women polled said that they had one problem. From that number 400 said they had no drive to have sex at all, 430 said that they experienced discomfort while having sex, and 500 said they were not able to experience orgasms.

Family Planning Association senior director Doctor Lo Seen-tsing said that the reason for the low sex drive of many women in the city was due in large part to a lack of communication with their partners. According to him, many women are uncomfortable with talking about sex and rarely discuss it. He also believes that it isn’t a lack of desire that’s the issue, it’s many women’s belief that they aren’t supposed to have the desire at all.

According to the Shanghaiist, the opinion of the Family Planning Association is likely a result of society’s expectations of women, and that the study may have been biased and could cause a subconscious effect on the physical desires of women.

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