For the Love of Honda

For the Love of Honda

All of us have, at some point, purchased an off brand that we’re unfamiliar with to save a penny or two. In some cases, it works out and you find that the cheaper product is actually better, but in many cases, you find out exactly why you’ve been loyal to the brand name for so long. From paper towels to baked beans to cars, we’re all brand loyal when it comes to something. No one is more loyal to their favorite brand than Honda owners, but what are the reasons for their loyalty?

You can’t produce shoddy products and still become one of the most successful automotive manufacturers in the world. They post excellent sales numbers, they’ve reduced the amount of waste in the production of their vehicles, and they’re really good to their employees. For many people, though, their love for Honda isn’t about any of these things, it’s about everything that Honda does to make their vehicles a little bit different, and the influence that their commitment to quality has on the automotive world around them. So what does make Honda different, and why have people fallen in love with them?

  1. Their Reputation – Honda has developed quite the reputation for producing quality cars. Very few of their cars are plagued with complaints or shortcomings (except the Crosstour) and this has helped to cement Honda as a repeat purchase item for many drivers.
  2. Comfort – Plain and simple, their cars are really comfortable. It doesn’t matter which trim level you choose, or how expensive the car is, drivers can expect the same level of comfort in every Honda vehicle. While some models may not be as roomy as the others, they’re still pretty easy to commute long distances in, or to take on family vacations. Considering the amount of time people spend in the cars, comfort should be on the top of everyone’s list, but it isn’t.
  3. Style – Honda cars are cute. There is a clear focus on exterior and interior styling that makes their vehicles the type of cars that people want to drive. They’re fun looking, not oversized, and they’re often chock full of cool features.
  4. Longevity – Hondas last forever. Okay, not forever, but they last for quite a long time. It’s not unheard of to ride in a Honda that’s over the two hundred-thousand-mile mark. There are still Hondas from the early eighties on the roads, and that’s pretty rare for an auto manufacturer. With proper maintenance, a Honda will stick around for a very long time.
  5. Depreciation Rate – Hondas hold their value pretty well, especially if they’re well maintained.   With an estimated rate of 62.5% after three years, Honda Civic models are consistently named one of the lowest depreciating vehicles in the industry.
  6. Cost – If you weigh the price of a Honda vehicle against their ability to hold their value and the longevity of their cars, the price is actually pretty low. No, it isn’t one of the lowest on the market, not by a long shot, but the value versus the cost is pretty spectacular. What you get from a moderately priced Honda wouldn’t be the same as what you’d get from a value brand.
  7. The Drive – Simply put, Hondas are pretty idiot proof, and they’re fun to drive. There is nothing overcomplicated about these vehicles. They have the technology to keep things current, but they don’t make it inaccessible or difficult to use. They’re also great in all weather, they handle well, they’re not gas guzzlers, and the ride is incredibly smooth.
  8. Specials – Honda is pretty good at offering great deals on their vehicles. They have awesome lease rates, and offer terrific financing on new cars. They are also well-known for creating special editions of their most popular sedans every couple of years that offer all the bells and whistles of the top trim levels for less money.

If you’re a fan of Bounty paper towels and you try the lesser brand, you’re probably not going to be as happy with the product. Honda owners typically buy another Honda when it’s time to trade in their vehicle. Apparently, once you go Honda, you never go back.

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