Looking at the most anticipated car ever

Ford GT Anticipation

When you steal the show away from another supercar the world starts talking.  Such was the case in January when the Ford GT showed up and made the crowd turn and look with amazement.  Now, several months removed from that event we get to really talk about what is going to be in this car to give you one of the absolute best rides on the track ever.

The Ford GT is designed to be a high performing sports car.  It’s a modern marvel with the twenty-five computers and over ten million lines of code that are at work here, but it’s also a phenomenal car to drive and doesn’t just pacify you as a driver as it heads out where it wants to go.  There are four different driving modes from Ford for you to be able to enjoy the drive you want in either Normal, Sport, Track or Wet mode which are made to define the throttle reaction, traction control, the active suspension and the active aerodynamics along with the ride height of the car.  You even get the benefit of an a braking assistance mode from the active aerodynamics making the drive and the performance of the brakes one that is perfect for this car.

You want to take off from the line, the GT can help with that by offering you the launch control system which will allow you to make use of every bit of the power that is being transferred to the ground and gain an awesome time on the track.  In the power bay, which is situated behind the driver is the 3.5-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine that gives you over 600 horsepower in order to offer a massive amount of power to get your rear wheels moving quickly.

As for the control elements, Ford decided if you were going to unleash the power within this supercar you better have all the controls you need at your fingertips.  With that in mind they put as many controls as possible right on the steering wheel which looks a lot like a Formula 1 car wheels.  This is in place as an ergonomic addition to the car to ensure you don’t have to go looking for the controls you need, they will be right at your fingertips so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel when you are riding down the track at 160 mph.

When you look at the GT you can’t help but stare, but that highly appealing and super sexy look is also very functional.  I know, boring, no one wants to talk function, but the body shape and vent positions help keep the air flow in the right places in order to offer the best aerodynamics, downforce, cooling flow and least amount of drag possible.  This design took fourteen months to perfect in order to bring the model you want to drive to you.  In order to be allowed to carry this name, the car had to be amazing, it’s up against a legacy of the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans where the GT40 placed 1-2-3 in the race, a feat that as of now has never been duplicated.

To keep some efficiency in mind, the seats are actually fixed to the carbon fiber cabin tub.  Don’t fret though, the seatbacks, pedals and steering wheel are all adjustable so you can find the right driving position for you.  This was in a response to the low roof height that made it necessary to cut as much height from the seats as possible.

The GT has been a car that Ford has used to introduce advanced materials since 2005.  That model featured an all-aluminum build and now the car is going to use carbon fiber and aluminum in an effort to keep the weight as low as possible.  This blend of materials has led to the use of a high-strength adhesive that bonds the two together and allows the team to build this body with all its aerodynamics.

We have already admired the GT from afar and certainly love what Ford has put in it for power and driving, soon we will get to see what this beauty can really do on the road as it get unleashed for the 2017 model year.  I can’t wait to see this car on a road or track; it’s going to be awesome.

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