Let’s talk about the 918

Porsche 918

It’s not an area code, it’s a Porsche and it happens to be the most technologically advanced Porsche ever built.  This is a car that calls for the highest price in Porsche history out of the gate and certainly makes use of every car technology that has been developed.  This car even offers a different use of hybrid motors which gives us a car that is fully engaged in its driving ability and gives us a way to really get in touch with the road or on the track.  the 918 is certainly an advanced track car that has a lot for you to learn.  Here are eight things that you should know about the Porsche 918 to ensure you are able to enjoy the car.

Losses – This car is one that causes Porsche to continually lose money even at this high price.  Most supercars do lose money but this one has been a loss leader for Porsche even at the massive price that it calls for.  Even though it loses money, Porsche found it worth the time to actually build this car that would certainly be one that would give us the performance perfection we desire.

Computers – One of the engineers let the cat out of the bag and informed that the computers were difficult to fit in the build that was offered.  There are computers running everything in this car from the infotainment system to the electric water pumps and beyond.  The testing of this car was so arduous that most of the time the engineers put the computers in flight cases and bolted them on for the testing.

Repairs – This car has to be broken in half in order to have any repairs performed on it.  This is due to the two piece construction of the carbon-fiber structure of the car.  You can certainly change the spark plugs yourself, but that is about all and any major repairs would require the two shells to be separated in order to access the areas needed.

Braking – This braking system does more than just stop the car.  This car is meant to use the regenerative braking to power the battery pack, ABS, stability control systems and still feel like it should when driving.  This certainly makes the car one of the smartest on the planet and even the braking system is so smart you will be simply amazed by it.

Paint – How much should a paint job cost?  Try $60,000 for the Porsche 918.  This paint includes the Liquid Metal Silver and Liquid Metal Chrome Blue that are the base colors along with ten other standard paint colors that can be put on this beautiful car.  As a car that will be able to offer anything a buyer asks for this is about right for the paint job.

Light Wheels – As technology has become more advanced the weight of cars has come down quite a bit including the wheels.  The magnesium wheels that are standard on this car are light.  They are so light that you can actually lift them with only one finger.  These wheels cost $32,500 and are part of the standard $84,000 Weissach package which makes for much more dynamic driving and helps to keep the weight down of the car.

Fit – If you really are considering this car as your purchase, you need to make sure you fit in it first.  The seats are adjustable to the front and rear but not for height and they don’t recline.  The steering wheel will telescope but not tilt and the windshield pillar comes close to your head in the driver’s seat.  Before you buy this car make sure you will fit inside and be able to comfortably drive it.

Soundless – The 918 has an electric mode to make it silent but when the engine is needed quickly the engine will quickly rocket to life and for those who are outside of the 918 you will see the car take off well before you ever hear it come to life.  This car is made to be quiet but to quickly come to life in order to be the most dynamic drive and to take of quickly in perfect silence but then produce and ear splitting scream.

The Porsche 918 has been the most impressive car that has ever been built in order to produce an amazing amount of power from the engine that is mated to the electric motors that add  a great deal of power to the car.  For the few who get the chance driving is a dream.

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