Laying the Groundwork Before the Next Round of Iranian Negotiations

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Smiling

It was a roller coaster last week as signs showed there would be no deal with Iran, then they showed hope, then the French killed it. Now, there will be a break followed by the next round of negotiations that will take place in ten days. In the meantime, the United States and Israel want tougher sanctions imposed on Iran in an effort to keep the pressure up.

At question is the nuclear program that Iran says is for energy and research but that much of the rest of the world sees as a path to acquiring a nuclear weapon. It is challenging to find the middle ground; it’s too late to tell Iran that they can’t do anything that has to do with nuclear devices. They’ve been working on it for at least 7 years and it has become both a heavy investment as well as a point of national pride. They will let the sanctions continue before they stop their nuclear pursuits altogether.

This poses a huge problem for Israel who believes that they will be the target of the nuclear weapons once they’re built. If an agreement is reached that is not acceptable to them, they might take matters into their own hands and attack the nuclear facilities. If this happens, they will be completely isolated. Even the United States would not be willing to support them in such a circumstance.

The next ten days are crucial. Europe, China, Russia, the United States, Israel, and Iran are all going to be working furiously to garner the public support necessary to make a deal happen the way they want it to. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have a different idea of what would be ideal.

According to Reuters:

U.S. lawmakers said on Sunday they aimed to tighten sanctions on Iran to prevent Washington giving away too much in a deal on Tehran’s nuclear program that diplomats said was still possible despite the failure of high-level weekend talks.

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