L.A. to spend $100 million on homeless after state of emergency declared, but…

Los Angeles Homeless

The number of homeless in Los Angeles has hit epidemic levels and has caused the city to declare a state of emergency. They plan on spending $100 million to address the situation, but one councilman suggests that it’s only because of the 2024 Olympics that leaders are concerned.

In other words, 25,000-50,000 homeless on the streets of L.A. won’t look good to the world if it were to win the bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Thus, the suggestion that the sudden concern over the homeless epidemic is directly tied to the attempt to win that bid.

The Times states that Tuesday’s announcement by the Mayor and City Council members is in line with Mayor Gracetti’s proposal to capture $13 million in tax revenues for short-term housing projects. It is suggested that the state of emergency declaration is in order to fast track the projects.

One fact that seems to be overlooked is that the city already spends $100 million annually on homelessness. This proposal would more than likely redefine the way the money is spent, rather than giving any more to the “effort.”

In other words, this is much more of a symbolic call to action rather than an actual change to deal with the emergency.

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