Kurdish protests pop up across Europe to ask for more help against ISIS

Earlier today, Kurdish protesters clashed with police officers in Turkey and forced their way into the European Parliament in Brussels as part of demonstrations across Europe against the Islamic State’s advancement on Kobani, a Syrian town near the border with Turkey.

The activists are demanding that the nations of Europe begin sending more assistance to the Kurdish defenders in the town who are struggling to push back the Islamic State. Some European nations are already arming the Kurdish fighters or providing assistance in the form of air strikes, but the protesters say that it isn’t enough.

Protesters in Turkey are especially tense, with at least six Turkish cities housing protests after the Islamic State seized a strategic point in Kobani last night. The town’s streets were filled with fighting as Islamic State militants, backed by tanks and artillery, pushed against the Kurdish defenders who are trying to protect the town.

Police officers used water cannons and tear gas to try and disperse the demonstrator in the desert town of Kucuk Kenderciler.  Numerous clashes broke out in neighborhoods across Istanbul as protesters set up barricades, threw stones, fireworks, and firebombs at police officers, and set a bus on fire.

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