Kids forced to write the Shahada profession in TN school

Students Taking Test

Students at a Spring Hill, Tennessee school are being taught religious history from around the world. That in itself is fine, however one teacher decided to take it a bit further when she asked the class to write the Shahada profession – that ‘Allah is the only god’.

If that wasn’t enough, the teacher just happened to skip over Christianity deciding to teach that at some other time. Additionally, the class will be delving into the Five Pillars of Islam, which is far more than just giving a history lesson, it’s actually teaching the students core beliefs of the religion.

Some parents are outraged as they feel that it goes beyond what should be taught. Particularly those that are Christian are very concerned or angry because it goes directly against their faith. As of now parents do not have the option to opt out.

Although the Governor, Bill Haslem, signed a bill in May against Common Core, the Tennessee school Core standards are very similar to the controversial curriculum.

There are many that feel this is a much bigger problem because of how many followers of Islam want to dominate the world and specifically annihilate America and Israel. They also say that schools that follow the curriculum fail to teach on what Islam has done to so many.

I suppose the beheading of Christians will not be included in the lesson plans, either.

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