Joseph the Israelite and Imhotep the Egyptian may have been the same person

The story of Joseph from the book of Genesis talks of a boy who was sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. As he grew up, he eventually became the 2nd in command to the Pharaoh and helped to set in motion the rise of the nation of Israel after the Exodus. He has never been seen in Egyptian records… or has he?

Recent revelations have started to make many people believe that Imhotep, royal vizier to Pharaoh Djoser from the third dynasty, was actually Jospeh. Both were involved in the feeding of the people during a devastating seven year drought. Both were second in command to their Pharaoh. Joseph’s Pharaoh was never named in the Bible, though some speculate that Netjenkhet, the Pharaoh’s birth name, was changed after the fact to be Pharaoh Djoser, of the Pharaoh of Joseph.

At this point it’s all speculation, but the conclusion about Imhotep and Joseph by Judeo Christian Church is that it’s either an attempt to wash the Hebrew Joseph from Egyptian history or they were actually the same person.

There is more prophecy about Egypt than any other land other than Israel. Most of it has already been fulfilled. Some still waits as it pertains to Egypt and the end times. If these great accomplishments could be attributed to Joseph, why would the Bible not include them?

We may never know what happened 3,000-5,000 years ago in Egypt, but we can look into what we do know and try to draw conclusions from there.

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