Jim Webb epitomizes the independent majority

Jim Webb

Longshot Democratic Presidential candidate Jim Webb has left the Democratic side of the race, but will be exploring the idea of running as an independent. This is a good thing; Webb is the ideal candidate to represent moderation as an independent.

His poor performance in the Democratic debate likely pushed this decision. It was supposed to be his coming out party but tone of the debate turned to the far left, leaving Webb as a stranger among candidates trying to build their progressive credibility. His common sense style of leadership has had him serving as a Republican in the Ronald Reagan administration while serving as a Democratic senator years later. Now, he may be a popular independent candidate.

Though his chances of having an impact on the election are slim, he may be able to open up conversations about the parties working together appropriately. His views are more in line with the majority of Americans than any of the other candidates on either side. It’s his lack of polarization that makes him a voice that should be heard in this tumultuous political season.

As both parties vie to proclaim more extreme views, Webb is one of the few who came across as a centrist, moderate candidate. If he does choose to run as an independent, he will likely be able to garner more support than he did when running against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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