Jeff Gordon’s Sweet Revenge on Jalopnik Editor is Epic

Jeff Gordon

It’s a journalist’s job to seek the truth and expose falsehoods for what they are to the public. When Pepsi Max put out a video depicting Jeff Gordon taking a car salesman for a crazy test drive last year, a lot of people called it staged. One of those people was Travis Okulski at Jalopnik.

The original video featured a car salesman getting the crap scared out of him during a test drive with the NASCAR champion. That was good. This one is much, much better. For one thing, the new video is clearly real. While some will note that many of the outside shots were b-roll edits, the corroboration by Okulski that he was not in on the prank is enough to believe that his reactions were real and he really did believe he was stuck in a high-speed chase police with a tattooed convict behind the wheel of his cab.

Well played, Pepsi Max. Here’s the video:

In case you missed the original video:

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