Jeb Bush: ‘Trump believes he can insult his way to the Presidency’

Carly Fiorina Donald Trump

The last thing we would want to do from a purely political perspective is to agree with the opinions of milquetoast GOP presidential candidates like Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal, but when it comes to the topic of Donald Trump, they appear to be very correct.

In an interview on CNN, Bush described the importance of serious candidates laying out plans for their Presidency for the voters to understand. Trump has been more of a salesman than a statesman so far in the campaign, leveling insults towards other candidates while pledging to somehow “make America great again” without actually detailing how he would do that.

Jindal got into the act, pointing out that Trump is narcissistic and that he doesn’t really follow the Bible.

Then, there are the lies that follow every time he says something that’s stupid about others.

There are so many incredible GOP candidates this year. Donald Trump is not one of them.

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