Did Jeb Bush Tank His Presidential Chances Before Declaring?

Jeb Bush

The news story was supposed to be that Jeb Bush might be running for the GOP nomination for President in 2016. What everyone took away from it, both conservatives and liberals, is that he may be soft on illegal immigration.

The catch phrase that will likely haunt him through debates is that he believes that illegal immigration can be an “act of love”. There’s no need to go into the details. There’s no need for context. That statement alone may be enough to push him out of favor with enough Republicans before he has even declared that he wants to run. Of course, in context, it really wasn’t too bad, but that’s not important, not in today’s fast-food-journalism society.

He said something he should not have for his party and it likely killed his chances. It will at least haunt him for a while. The best he can hope for is that he can pull some of the minority vote, but that will only help him in the primaries. Come election season, it won’t be enough to turn minority votes away from the Democratic candidate.

According to Fox News:

Without ever officially entering the race, Bush has emerged as a tantalizing Republican candidate. The Washington Post reported last week that some prominent Republican party officials and donors had launched a campaign to draft him into the race as an alternate to scandal-hit New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and libertarian-leaning Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

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