It’s 2015 and SellerVantage is Back!

SellerVantage (formerly AuctionSound) started as an eBay drop-off store back in 2004. After outgrowing Microsoft Excel and Outlook as a management software, Matthew Brown realized it was time to invest in building software.

After developing a beta product, other stores inquired about using SellerVantage software. The eBay store transformed into a software development company. All of the employees had in-store experience from listing, shipping, managing and owning, which gave them an advantage. Many years later, SellerVantage broke away from solely being an eBay consignment software and has developed into a strong multi-channel, inventory management solution, that it is today.

LotVantage, the sister product of SellerVantage, who concentrates on classified marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, Social Media, and YouTube for Automotive, Powersports, RV, and Marine dealers has been their companies primary focus. The fall of 2014 brought SellerVantage new opportunities with the addition of some key contracts allowing it to expand its reach with new retail workflows, mobility and key user experience improvements.


A new management team was put in place in late 2014 to regain the leadership that their customers came to respect from SellerVantage. The company is now under the competent leadership of John Howard in the Product Manager role supported by Scott DeMarco our Chief Design Officer. In late 2014, Vice President of Sales Jim Jabaay expanded his role to oversee SellerVantage’s growth in addition to its sister product LotVantage.

Revisiting the User Experience

Over the next several months, SellerVantage will continue migrating to its mobile friendly look while replacing some dated technology in the application to be easier, faster and compatible with mobile devices as well as desktops. SellerVantage’s commitment during this process is to react quickly and transparently to keep their customer’s businesses running smoothly and continue to drive efficiencies. When the rubber meets the road and this transformation is complete, their users will enjoy exciting, yet familiar workspaces that are both powerful and easier to use. The company has already started to upgrade their existing website customers to their enhanced adaptive solution. The website upgrades should be completed by the middle of Q2.

This is great news for customers who have stayed loyal to SellerVantage; they will finally have a powerful, feature rich application with mobile optimized website pages to connect with mobile shoppers and users.

Improved communication?

Because SellerVantage is now developing so rapidly, they promise an openness in communicating upcoming changes with at least a 72 hour notice. They are introducing a beta program where select users can have access to try out and provide feedback on new features as they continue tailoring their software to accommodate additional industries

As mentioned earlier, SellerVantage was primarily focused on a consignment business model, and with all the technology updates that have been added and are on the horizon, they can now shift their focus to other verticals. They have a large range of industries currently using their software and have identified several niches that have benefited from the adaptive software. As it stands now, SellerVantage software can easily be tailored and best suits the needs of the following industries to name a few: Furniture stores, Medical Suppliers, Auto Parts and Accessories, Wheel & Tires, Gun shops, Pawn shops, Consignment & Antiques stores, Salvage Yards, and Appliance Retailers..

SellerVantage Is Back

Success is a combination of timing and execution. It’s time for the SellerVantage team to stop looking back and set their eyes on the prize. From what I can see, the fire is back in the SellerVantage team’s eyes and that gets me excited for the customers who use their products and services. Jim Jabaay has built a strong team for website development and customer service, and he is ready to make his mark in this turnaround story.

One thing is guaranteed, 2015 will be a great year in the ecommerce space that is filled to change! SellerVantage is focused on helping their customers with change management processes.

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