Israeli military calls up another 16,000 reserves

Israeli military calls up another 16,000 reserves


The Israeli military has announced that it is pulling another 16,000 soldiers from its reserves and deploying them in order to give the military “room to breathe”. This deployment will bring the total number of soldiers called upon by the Israeli military to 86,000.

This move comes shortly after Israel promised to investigate a strike on a United Nations school in the Gaza Strip that resulted in the deaths of at least 16 people on Wednesday. Over 19 air strikes were carried out on Wednesday night, bringing the total death toll for Wednesday to over 100 according to a Palestinian official.

On Wednesday, the Israeli security cabinet met to approve the continuation of military strikes against suspected militants, suspected rocket sites, and a network of tunnels that lead into Israel. The Israeli military has been regularly attacking such sites in an effort to fight off the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is currently in control of Gaza.

Israel began its offensive in the Gaza Strip, called Operation Protective Edge, about three weeks ago. Since the fighting began, 1360 Palestinians have been killed as well as 58 Israelis. A Thai worker in Israel has also died. This is the longest such conflict between the Israeli military and the militants from the Gaza Strip.

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