Islamic State executes Iraqi soldiers on camera as a warning

Islamic State executes Iraqi soldiers on camera as a warning


Today, Islamic State has released a video that warns any Iraqi soldiers that still feel like fighting they run the risk of being rounded up and executed. Islamic State, a spin-off of al Qaeda, has stormed across Iraq in recent weeks, seizing huge chunks of the country with virtually no opposition.

The Iraqi army collapsed when Sunni insurgents staged a quick, brutal advance through he country’s northern settlements, building upon territory that their comrades captured earlier in the country’s western settlements.

Thousands of Iraqi soldiers have already fled, prompting Iraq’s top cleric to call upon compatriots to take up arms against the Islamic State. The radical faction has declared a medieval-style caliphate in the parts of Iraq and Syria that it controls and plans to march on Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

The 30-minute-long video was released during the holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The video sheds light on the kind of psychological warfare tactics that the Islamic State is likely to employ while it continues forward with its campaign.

The militants filmed themselves as they stood over dozens of terrified Iraqi soldiers that they had taken prisoner. One of the soldiers is wearing civilian clothes over his uniform out of fear of being identified. He begs for mercy as the militants mock him, and is promptly killed.

The remaining soldiers suffer a similar fate as they are led to a sandy pit and executed one by one. A barrage of AK-47 bullets are pumped into their heads, once to kill them, and a second time to ensure that they’re dead.

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