ISIS threatens Pamela Geller with death after ‘Draw Muhammad’ incident

Most Americans probably had never heard of Pamela Geller before the incident in Texas where two Islamic jihadis were killed in an attack on a “Draw Muhammad” free speech event. She has been considered an extremely controversial blogger and anti-Islamic activist for a while, but now she’s receiving both mainstream as well as further radical extremist attention.

A domestic source posted threats online claiming that ISIS had 71 loyal jihadis planted throughout 15 states ready to attack Geller. Despite the threats, the US government, specifically the FBI, has not contacted Geller or her team. She has “increased her staff” around the clock, most likely referring to adding body guards to the team.

On Fox News, Geller appeared with Imam Anjem Choudary, a London-based Muslim leader known for extremely conservative views on the promotion of sharia law. This includes support for Geller’s execution.

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