ISIS reveals advanced Russian weapons in the Sinai Peninsula

ISIS Russian Weapons

In a recent 37-minute video released by ISIS there were some interesting revelations. In the video they are spewing the usual hatred against Israel, however the display of advanced weaponry against Egyptian targets is what caught a few people’s attention. That advanced weaponry happens to be Russian.

Just recently four American soldiers were attacked in the area where ISIS has a significant presence. Although it hasn’t been 100% confirmed it came from the group, this would be the first time that the American military have come under attack by ISIS in the region.

There is every indication of an increase in strength and presence in the area with it extending to the Gaza Strip. With the Sinai peninsula not well guarded toward the border with Egypt, this doesn’t bode well for Israel or the entire region.

At some point Israel will be forced to respond, although it’s a complicated situation since ISIS attacks Israel’s enemy, Hamas. However, both ISIS and Hamas hate Israel and eventually a decision will have to be made on which is the bigger threat. Egypt has increased border security, but not enough, and it too will have to decide.

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