Is this the most important Supreme Court term ever?

The short answer is, “Yes.” This term of the Supreme Court, which ends in a month, is going to mark the most important set of decisions in recent history. It’s probably not going to be as permanently remembered such as sessions where landmark decisions were made, but the body of work that comprises this session has in itself the same type of relative magnitude as the sports world day when Mayweather fought Pacquiao, the Kentucky Derby ran, and the NBA playoffs were rolling.

Individually, the biggest focus is on the ruling on gay marriage. This is the one that has an opportunity to transcend generations with its impact. Besides the obvious one, there are a dozen other decisions that will have a major influence on the country in the future as well as immediately.

Rather than list them all off here, we found a nice piece in the LA Times that covers each in detail:

Between now and late June, the court will hand down more than two dozen decisions on matters such as politics, civil rights, free speech and air pollution. Several of these cases have been pending for months, suggesting the justices have been sharply split.

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