Instant gratification is a powerful sales tool


Instant Gratification

One of the effects of the rise of mobile and the “always connected” consumer is the desire for instant gratification.  With the rise of high-speed Internet connections and smart-phones, consumers know they can get answers anytime instantly.  There is no longer any tolerance for waiting or delay.  Website chat for car dealers offers the answer to that desire.

Website chat is merely a response to a perceived need for instant gratification.  Consumers are always plugged into their devices and get instant feedback to their requests.  They expect the same from websites they visit on those devices.  Dealers and marketers urge consumers to “Buy Now.” Consumers are simply replying, “Respond Now.”

Looking outside the car industry alone, consumers used to shop from catalogs and wait 6 – 8 weeks for delivery of their purchase.  Today, Amazon responds with one or two-day, and even same-day delivery. Netflix offers instant on-demand movies. Website chat is no longer a luxury, or even just an alternative way to communicate, it’s a necessity.

That does not mean that there aren’t stumbling blocks in the way of providing chat.  To be effective, it must be offered around the clock and requests must be answered skillfully and knowledgeably within seconds.  It is not possible for most dealers to provide staff for this service 24 hours per day. Nor is it efficient to have staff without other duties that may delay instant and multiple responses.

That’s where outside companies such as CarChat24 come into the picture.  They do nothing else but chat and have highly trained, dedicated personnel ready to chat with a dealer’s customers at all hours of the day and night.  Their jobs are twofold – to offer support and answer questions for customers and to set appointments for sales.

Instant gratification is a powerful force, but it’s not necessarily a negative force.  In the hands of the right professionals, instant chat can produce not just leads, but real appointments with customers that would not have the patience to fill out a contact form and correspond by email.  For car dealers, chat is more than just another expense, there’s profit in satisfying this impatience.

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