In Sickness and In More Sickness: Healthcare Booms in Good or Bad Economy


Nothing says “job security” like working in an industry that everyone needs regardless of their money situation. Healthcare has not only avoided the dreaded recession, it has been the focus of US government initiatives to increase its size and scope.

A recent study shows that there may be over 500,000 additional nurse positions available by 2018, over twice as much as the second highest growing profession (accountants and auditors). As long as there’s sickness, there’s always going to be a need for people to make us better.

This infographic by our friends at Course Hero breaks down medical as well as other arenas and compares the differences between college graduates and those who enter the workforce early. Common sense (and our mothers) tells us that getting a college degree makes sense, but just as there will always be nurses, there will always be statistics telling us to go to school.

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