In case you were wondering if San Bernardino was terrorism or workplace violence…

San Bernardino Shooting Rampage

There’s going to be a delay from news agencies reporting about the motives of the San Bernardino shootings. They will wait until Friday, the day that you “bury” news stories you don’t want to be seen, before declaring that this was a terrorist attack. The reason is because it doesn’t match the gun control narrative. The way they’ll do it is through doubts cast such as highlighting the alleged altercation that led to the event.

Here’s the thing. If one were to look at the evidence that has already been declared, it’s very easy to see that this was a premeditated terrorist attack. We appreciate the need to verify facts, but there are times when assumptions can and should be made. Just as the assumption that the Planned Parenthood shooting was motivated by political hatred against the organization selling baby parts, there is even more evidence that the San Bernardino shootings were premeditated.

Is there a good chance that sentiment at the workplace triggered the event? Absolutely. However, one does not have pipe bombs, long guns, and body armor laying around in case there’s a scuffle at work. These people were planning an attack and whether or not the Christmas party sparked the escalation or not is irrelevant. They were ready to do harm at any moment and the moment they chose was either convenient or planned from the start. It’s just as likely that he came to the party initially to verify that the right victims were in place and that security was not present.

This must be treated as an act of terrorism. Whether or not it’s the outrage of an angry American for non-religious reasons or the workings of a lone wolf bent on radical Islamic pursuits will come to light in the coming days, but either way it’s still a terrorist act.

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