Imagine That: Volvo Still Making Cars Even Safer

Volvo Cloud Safety System

The company that built its reputation around safety is putting a modern spin on the issue with a cloud-based communication system. This time, it’s not just crash safety or crash prevention. It’s about communicating road data to both other cars as well as the people that can do something about it.

Currently, 50 vehicles are fitted with Volvo‘s system, all in Scandinavia. The Swedish automaker hopes that these cars will prove the point that keeping the roads safe is easiest with more data. When the cars detect road conditions such as slippery areas, they automatically transmit this data to Volvo, which in turn transmits the data to other cars near the area as well as the Swedish Transportation Administration.

It will alert cars of poor conditions nearby, allowing them to warn their drivers of upcoming trouble spots. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration will be able to then act on the data and send the appropriate services to work on the roads when necessary. It’s a way of putting “beacons” out on the streets.

Volvo assures us that the data transmitted will not contain personal information. According to Gizmag:

Volvo stresses that no data identifying the vehicle is shared with the road administrator and that the aggregated information is used for the sole purpose of describing the current status of the road network. Volvo plans to make the technology available to consumers within a few years

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