Human traffickers buying children in Nepal for $500 each

In what can only be called an utter atrocity, the underworld of human trafficking is taking advantage of the turmoil following April’s earthquakes in Nepal, offering to buy children for $500 each. They are telling people in villages across Nepal that they will “find work” for the children.

The area does not have the same access to news that western culture has, making it a target for those serving the sex trade around the world. Reports show that as many as 15,000 girls per year are taken from Nepal to be sold. That was before the earthquakes. Now, desperation and ignorance will make those numbers go up.

Sam Ellis, a youth minister at Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach, California, was amongst the first to visit the Gorkha district village of Armi where 36 people died and every home was leveled. He first reported the $500 offer made to villagers.

“There is no place on earth like this place and people,” Ellis said. “As the only responders here, we feel that the world must continue to respond. There is so much still to do. We must.”


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