Huckabee’s Iowa ad shows why conservatives should support Ted Cruz

Mike Huckabee Iowa

GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is known for pointed attacks and intelligent defense of conservative values. His latest ad in Iowa is such a terrible demonstration of media manipulation that it demonstrates why voters should be considering its victim, Ted Cruz.

To be fair, it was his super PAC that put out the ad, but it’s ignorant to believe that the non-communication clause really applies with Presidential campaigns. Huckabee knew about the ad and supported it, and that says a lot about Ted Cruz. In the ad, Cruz is depicted as being weak on gay marriage because he doesn’t list it as a top 3 priority. This is very true. It cannot be a top 3 priority for any candidate considering the political atmosphere and the challenges the country faces. The problem is that this is a textbook example of pulling a sound bite out of context to try to paint an inaccurate picture.

Cruz has been very adamant about his perspectives on gay marriage. Just because it doesn’t supersede radical Islam, the failing economy, and defending the Constitution on a scale of priorities does not diminish his strong desire to set things right with the sanctity of marriage. As the Washington Post (who is not a fan of Cruz) admits, this was a total miss by Huckabee:

The only chance the Huckabee campaign has of finishing in the top 3 is if he can pull support from Cruz… at least that’s what the campaign believes. In reality, he has a much better chance of pulling from Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, but somewhere along the lines his super PAC and campaign staff missed the memo that was filed under, “Obvious Campaign Strategies.” Instead, they decided to try to paint Ted Cruz, the gold standard for conservatism, as being weak on gay marriage.

It was a total failure. It means that Iowa will likely be his last stop unless he does the right thing by leaving now.

If a snippet of a sound bite taken out of context is the best his competitors can muster to attack him, Cruz should have no problem sailing through Iowa with a large victory. It’s time for Huckabee to cut his losses and beg for an ambassadorship in a Cruz administration.

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