How the consumer experience is coming into focus in the car business

For decades, the car business has been one that has been focused on products rather than the consumer experience. This is changing quickly thanks to many things, most importantly the way that dealers are shifting the transaction style throughout the entire process.

A decade ago, it wasn’t uncommon for a dealership’s website to be little more than a web billboard. It would have a phone number and driving directions. Some would have inventory, some would not. Today, a car dealer’s website can have nearly every aspect of the sales process, allowing consumers to find vehicles for consideration, get a quote for the trade-in, secure financing, and schedule a test drive. At that point, it’s a matter of coming to the dealership, driving the vehicle, and signing the paperwork.

Recently, there has been a push to streamline the process even more, particularly at the dealership itself.

“Will dealers be bold enough to bring some of the F&I office out into the sales floor using eMenu tool?” asked Brian Pasch, CEO at PCG Consulting.  “Will they be able to be more transparent about the banks they use online?”

Pasch was joined by several automotive industry experts to discuss the Year of the Dealer, a video series sponsored by automotive marketing partner LotLinx. In the video below, they discuss the improvements that are being made to the consumer experience across the board.

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