How many Jeeps does it take to set a parade record?

When it comes to world records, there are plenty of strange ones that seem to have no purpose other than to be records. Every now and then, a record pops up that surrounds an event other people can enjoy. One such record is the most Jeeps driven in a single parade. It’s more than just for Jeep enthusiasts. It’s an American thing.

The record was once held by the town of Butler when 1,106 Jeeps went down Main Street four years ago. It was more than just a random place to hit the record; Bantam Car Company that first produced Jeep in 1940 originated in Butler. That record was recently broken last week in Dayton Beach, Florida, when 1,846 Jeeps rolled through town.

Butler wants their record back.

“That is our promotional Jeep for the county, for the Tourism Bureau,” Michele Sneddon, coordinator of the Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival in Butler, points out a vehicle owned by the Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau in Zelienople. “We have the cow to represent farming. The kayak, the fishing rods, the bike.”

They are calling on Jeep owners around the country to hit Butler for the parade on June 12. They don’t care what model or year it is. If it says “Jeep” on it, they want to see it. According to CBS Local:

This is the 75th anniversary of that first Jeep, a design that helped America and her Allies win the war. But Daytona Beach lures half a million visitors each year. How can little Butler top that?

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