Hillary Clinton’s real problem is that there isn’t a person hidden beneath her skin

Hillary Clinton Politician

One might read the headline and assume that this is a conspiracy theory post about how lizardpeople have infiltrated Washington DC. That’s not the problem that Hillary Clinton faces. She’s a real person. The problem she’s having is convincing people that she’s more than just a perpetual politician and Presidential candidate.

If you’re expecting a fair and balanced account of Clinton, you won’t find it in this article. It’s not because she’s ideologically different from me. As a Democrat, I like a handful of her proposals even if I feel Bernie Sanders to her left and Martin O’Malley to her right each have better ideas. My problem, and the problem that many Democrats have experienced, is that we have never seen anything outside Clinton’s blind ambition. She’s arguably the most blatantly political politician in the race on either side of the aisle.

We know she desperately wants to be President. We just haven’t seen that she truly wants to listen to the people and lead this country. There’s a difference.

A recent article on The Hill points to the fact that she isn’t very likable.

Even President Bill Clinton, who I liked and supported, seemed to be in touch with the direction of the country and the desires of US citizens. His wife is politically his superior while remaining completely out of touch with what it means to be an American. It isn’t just her comments of being “dead broke” leaving the White House or her ever-shifting political views that attempt to match what the current headlines dictate. It isn’t even the falsehoods that have plagued her throughout her career such as her accent changes or her blatant lie about sniper fire forcing her to run for cover after landing in Bosnia.

Hillary’s real problem is that she wants so desperately to be President that it makes her campaign rhetoric seem completely insincere.

At the State Department, with so many things happening in the world, she made it a point to keep tabs on her potential 2016 competitors. Meanwhile, she worked very heavily with potential allies and donors. The concept of a 2016 run seemed to drive many of her daily activities even in 2008 as Secretary of State. That’s the sort of blind ambition that betrays intention and makes her worse than unlikable. She’s completely untrustworthy.

Voters are starting to realize it. They’re taking to social media and expressing their real feelings about her. The results aren’t pretty.

If the Democrats don’t do something soon, they’re going to be stuck with her as the nominee. If that happens, I don’t know which would be worse: a total defeat based upon a country that realizes who she is or a victory that betrays the fact that Americans aren’t worried about things like ethics or honesty from a President.

Hillary Clinton is not a real person. She’s a politician. She’s a candidate. There are plenty of people out there such as Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz who are actually real people beneath their political exterior. Beneath Clinton’s skin is nothing other than the pure drive to be the first female President.

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