Here’s a depressing look at the state of global connectivity

While the people in the West are complaining about their unsatisfactory Internet speeds, a new report from has given us a sobering look at how difficult it can be for people in developing nations to even access the Internet at all, let alone get good speeds. What’s worse is that, while global Internet access is still growing, that growth is starting to slow down.

The Facebook-backed organization’s full report, which can be downloaded here, has estimated that somewhere around three billion people across the globe use the Internet at least once a year. The rate of access is much higher in developed nation with 78% of the population in these nations having Internet access. For developing nations, that number is a measly 32%, less than half that of developed nations.

While the rate of growth of Internet access was 14.7% per year back in 2010, that number has fallen to a disappointing 6.6% as of last year. attributes this to lack of affordability, poor infrastructure, and relevance, al three of which need to be addressed “in order for the entire world to connect to the internet.” The benefits of Internet access are innumerable and fixing these issues could be the key to development for the less fortunate nations out there.

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