Halting refugee entry is an American issue, not a partisan one

Syrian Refugee Politics

I’m a Democrat and most of the time I can say that with pride. Today is not one of those days with reports that only one Democratic governor has committed to protecting her citizens from the risks of an influx of Syrian refugees without all of the proper precautions in place. New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan joined 25 Republican Governors to fulfill their vows as the highest executive in their states.

To my left-leaning friends, I say this. Wake up. Just because the Republicans are turning right on this issue doesn’t mean that you must follow your knee jerk reaction by turning left. The Syrian refugee crisis is serious and needs our attention which is the most important reason that you should not be sitting on the sidelines and supporting President Obama’s initiative blindly.

In order to help the Syrian refugees in need, we have to figure out a way to make certain that nobody, not a single person, can be viewed as a potential Islamic State infiltrator. All it’s going to take is one and the doors will be shut for good. Nevermind the fact that we’ll be painted as idiots if a jihadist is found in the mix or if, God forbid, a terrorist comes in through the refugees and commits a heinous act. This goes beyond politics. This goes beyond party affiliation. There are times when a Republican Governor must make a liberal decision for the sake of the state and there are times when a Democratic Governor must make a conservative decision for the same reasons.

Now is one of those times.

The President has chosen to place himself on an island and while I do not like the prospects of going against him, the fact that he gave us the TPP should be a clear indicator that he’s pushing hard for his legacy rather than progressive principles. Carelessly taking in Syrian refugees is another example of legacy-protection rather than prudent leadership. If he wants to defend his Presidency and his unearned Nobel Peace Prize, he can do it, but that doesn’t mean that Democratic lawmakers, particularly governors, need to walk his personal party line.

We will help the refugees, but we must do it the right way. Acting like blind followers of Emperor Obama is not the way that the Democratic party should be acting and the American people simply won’t accept it.

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