Gun-licensed Israelis told to carry firearms for protection against Palestinian attacks

Knife Attacks in Jerusalem

Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon, asked for licensed Israeli’s to carry a firearm in order to help defend themselves and others against rock and knife wielding Palestinian extremists.

Dozens of victims have been hospitalized and several killed by the attacks. Recently, a couple who was driving through the West Bank was killed in front of their four children.

The wave of attacks has many on edge for fear of another intifada. Disturbing is the fact that many of the attackers are teens, including a teen girl who decided to stab an Israeli man before being shot because she desired to be a martyr for allah.

This is nothing new among terrorists and it’s reassuring that the Israeli government encourages its citizens to protect themselves, like any democratic country should. The real question is how the anti-semitic international community will react the first time Israelis choose to defend themselves rather than allowing themselves to be harmed or killed.

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