Greg Orman is Running by Non-Disclosure, not as an Independent

Today, it’s very cool to be an independent. Running as an independent is a great way to appeal to both sides. Unlike times past, independents are able to pull from the extremes rather than just the moderates in the middle. Kansas independent Greg Orman is running for Senate, but he’s anything but an independent.

In a red state in which the likelihood of a democratic victory was unlikely, the left pulled a masterful move by propping up Orman as an alternative to incumbent Pat Roberts. Unfortunately, he’s not running as an independent with fresh ideas that cross the aisles. He’s running as a candidate who is unwilling to express his opinions that could paint him as a Democrat.

He has even gone so far as to pull favors from prominent Republicans in the state, but the sincerity of his Republican support is being questioned.

Is Greg Orman a pro-choice Democrat trying to steal an election through subterfuge and non-disclosure? Is he a true independent or is he simply a plant by the left to protect their hold on the Senate?

The Democrats certainly seem to think they have him on their side. American Rising PAC, which includes Jonathon Soros (yes, son of George Soros), is putting their support behind him.

For Republicans to gain control of the Senate, they will need Pat Roberts to win. Will a red state to be so easily swayed by the “independent” label that they could remove a popular incumbent? If they do, this will be one of the greatest political plays in history by the Democrats.

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