Germany is plunging into both sides of extremism

German Riots

The situation in Germany is the geopolitical example of Newton’s third law. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action was taking on a flood of mostly-Islamic refugees from the Middle East. The reaction is a rise in Nazi extremism that is bringing back the worst nuances of German history into a modern world that is bound to ignite conflict.

It isn’t one side feeding the other. It’s a mutual frenzy-forming effect where migrants come in, German protesters engage, migrants get defensive, protesters get aggressive, migrants become militant… there’s no individual source but rather a groundswell of high tensions that will implode the whole country if action isn’t taken immediately. Cooler heads cannot prevail. Most of them are already finding places to wait out the coming chaos.

When history looks back at this, the result will depend on which side wins. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where we are today: sides. The chances of this somehow converting into brotherly love and peace are approaching non-existence. The only way that the refugees can forge a real life would be through acceptance of their way of life by the Germans or assimilation into the German way of life. Both are highly improbable scenarios. Isolation would work given the vast land available, but it would require extreme expenditures beyond the resources of the richest country in Europe.

The Vatican could step in, but they won’t.

America could step in, but they can’t.

At this point, drastic action is required to prevent Germany and other European countries from plunging into total chaos.

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