George Will goes after Donald Trump’s immigration plan

George Will

For decades, columnist and conservative pundit George Will has swayed people for or against various politicians. His methodology for analysis and hard hitting journalistic style has made him a hero to Republicans and sworn enemy to Democrats. Occasionally, he goes after the Republicans that seem to be more like Democrats. Today, the target is Donald Trump.

The GOP frontrunner is causing a stir and polarizing the party. Supporters are ferocious. Detractors are desperate. Will he be able to make a positive impact or is he labeled in the wrong party? According to Will, his proposed immigration plan could destroy the fabric of the nation.

Despite his current level of support, many are saying that he doesn’t have as good of a chance of winning as other candidates. In a Red State article, Trump is listed as the fifth most likely GOP candidate to be able to win the election. Notably not on the list is the #2 candidate in most polls, Jeb Bush.

It isn’t just what he’s posting on the Washington Post. On other publications like National Review, Will is going after Trump hard, calling into question not just his credentials but even his moral fabric. He’s not a conservative and barely a productive American if you listen to Will’s opinions.

Whether Donald Trump gets the nomination or not, the list of Republicans who are refusing to support him is growing. He might be in the lead in the polls, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that he will not be able to win the Presidency even if he gets the nomination. Too many Republicans are like Will and simply don’t trust Trump.

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