Gawker to leave roots, venture into politics for page views

Gawker Office

Gossip is out. Government is in. That’s the word coming from Gawker, the once-proud trendsetter that has turned into a hated shell of its former self. Their solution: jump on the political bandwagon and hope that ripping on Donald Trump and Ben Carson will get them the page views they need to survive.

Unfortunately, it will work. Politics is an extremely hot issue right now and will continue to be for at least another year. If a Republican wins the White House, they will continue to get the page views. This is ironic, of course, because they are turning into a left-wing website that will try to destroy the Republican candidate.

Nothing drives page views like political attacks and there’s only so much they’ll be able to say about a the Republican-controlled Congress and Senate. Their political goals will run contrary to their personal goals, but they’re probably okay with that since they probably don’t even realize the fact. President Obama has driven up page views on conservative sites like Breitbart and Red State. A Republican President will help Gawker and other liberal sites like Salon and Slate.

At this point, they’re probably just happy to be alive.

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