Ford lights a fuse

2016 Ford Fusion Purple

Fusion is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit these days.  We have fusion in music, science, and even in our food.  Essentially what it means is a joining of two different things to create one individual item.  When it comes to the car, one must question what exactly Ford was joining to create this one entity.  Perhaps it was the fusion of technology and power, or the joining of Ford’s reputation and a fantastic mid-size sedan.  Whatever the combo they’ve joined together, Ford has managed to create a nearly perfect Fusion.

With the options of eight different trim levels, the Fusion has grown by leaps and bounds.  What started out in 2006 with three different options, the Fusion has morphed into the car Ford promised it would be ten years ago.  Ford claimed that the Fusion was “not your Father’s Taurus”, and now they’ve made sure of it through years of engineering, tweaking, and manufacturing.  The Fusion isn’t your typical mid-size sedan, it is making waves and winning awards across the board from 2010 on.  Every so often, a car comes along that flips things upside down, and the Fusion has done just that.

The Fusion was designed to be the best of the best in the area concerning aerodynamics, resulting in a smooth and streamlined vehicle.  Grille shutters are available additions to most models, and standard on the hybrid and energi plug-in models.  These shutters allow the engine to be at an ideal temperature, by opening and closing when necessary.  When the engine is at its peak temperature, the shutters remain closed to help the car perform at its best.  The Fusion also has specially designed headlights and taillights that are auto-adjusting to the light conditions, activating the high beams when necessary.

Each different Fusion model is manufactured to run at its best, no matter what package or trim level is chosen.  They’re specifically designed to ride smoothly and precisely, with exquisite handling.  It is outfitted with electric power-assisted steering that can control the pull of the wheels in conjunction with the road conditions.   A heavy wind is no longer a factor that is capable of pulling the vehicle, or making it feel unstable.  Equipping the car with the available steering wheel mounted paddle shifters allows the driver to feel in more control of the 6 speed automatic transmission.

In the base model Fusion, which starts at $22K, drivers can expect up to 34 mpg on the highway, and a handful of standard features.  The Fusion S comes with a rearview camera, 3 12-volt outlets, Ford’s patented MyKey, and SYNC technology which is voice activated.  From the base model S through the Fusion Energi Titanium, drivers can expect Ford’s rigorous quality standards, and a plethora of features.  The Fusion Titanium is the first model in the lineup that offers leather interior, and heated seats, more than you can expect from a mid-grade sedan.  With the Fusion, even the middle of the road trim level offers a level of luxury that is unexpected.

Drivers can expect the maximum level of convenience and technology features from the Fusion.  With each trim level upping the ante on what is offered, even the base model offers convenience features that will make you the envy of other drivers on the road.  Some features are optional like blind spot detectors, parking assist, My Ford Touch which allows hands-free control of almost every function of your Fusion.  Adding the lane-keeping system to your Fusion model allows for an alert every time your car makes a sudden departure from your current position in traffic.

Ford offers many different packages and options for every Fusion trim level, including inflatable rear seat belts that control the impact level during a collision and lessening the risk of serious injury should that collision occur.  Appearance packages add options for the wheel design, rear spoilers, and fog lights, while adding an EcoBoost engine will lessen your load financially when it comes to filling up.  An optional auto start-stop feature shuts off power to the engine when the car is stopped in traffic, restarting without issue when the brakes are not being applied any longer.

With hybrid and plug-in options to choose from, the Fusion works hard to be one of the most energy-efficient vehicles on the road.  Some Fusion models are also offered with all-wheel drive to ensure that your Fusion is able to navigate potential inclement weather conditions.  When it comes to the Fusion, it’s clear that Ford has seamlessly blended their devotion to quality and their environmental pursuits to create a mid-sized sedan that can easily handle any road condition without breaking the bank.


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