Food service employment rise counters manufacturing employment losses


Jobs are jobs, at least in today’s American society when so many people are simply departing completely from the job market of a welfare state. Of course, digging deeper into the job numbers reveals something very interesting that is great for the belly but poor for the pocketbook.

As pointed out by the sleuths over at Zero Hedge, the number of new jobs in the food service area seems to match almost perfectly with the decrease in jobs in the manufacturing sector. As a former waiter and bartender, I can tell you that they aren’t the type of jobs that helped me get ahead in the world. They’re often considered stepping stone jobs; people often spend time in food service while they’re trying to get jobs in other industries.

A look at the numbers reveals that if these truly are stepping stones, then the American workforce is stepping in the wrong direction. They’re losing their careers in manufacturing and downgrading to jobs in food service.

This is, of course, not an example of direct causation. Not all who left the manufacturing arena took jobs in food service and not all new food service employees were working at Chrysler a few months ago, but it’s an interesting correlation that does mean something when you look at the economy as a whole.

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