Fiat’s Big News in AWD

Sometimes big things come in small packages, but it’s rarely an all-wheel-drive vehicle.  All too often, these vehicles are huge and awkward pieces of machinery that overwhelm the drivers.  They’re usually difficult to park, not easily maneuverable in traffic situations, and they tend to guzzle gas which makes them less than budget friendly.  In recent years, Fiat has created quite a stir in the automotive field with its grand entrance into the U.S. market, using celebrities for endorsement and cleverly designed advertising pieces.  With the 500X, Fiat is making even bigger waves, offering an all-wheel-drive crossover vehicle in a small package.

Fiat isn’t as new as most Americans may think, as it was founded over one hundred years ago in Italy.  As one of Italy’s largest automotive companies, their century-old history is big news in their native country.  Fiat is an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, and this acronym serves as a metaphor for the automotive company itself.  It is a big name in a small package, much like the vehicles they manufacture.  In 2007, Fiat became part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, debuting in the United States featuring some big name celebs as enthusiastic endorsers.

With the 500x, Fiat is making an effort to boldly dominate the burgeoning crossover market, by offering a vehicle that is both manageable and affordable as well.  Constructed in line with the traditional Fiat design, this new addition to the crossover family, is centered around the driver and is fully functional in any condition.  The 500x takes a more athletic approach to the typical Fiat design by sitting up a little higher, with a slight feline crouch that gives it an imposing appearance.  Capable of more than just a driving experience, this crossover is ready for whatever situation you can offer.  The Fiat keeps it fun and light with a funky design and fresh features.

Fiat has built the 500x with both the driver’s comfort and fuel efficiency in mind.  They’ve equipped their crossover with a 4-cylinder engine that promises in excess of 175 horsepower.  The engine promises a combination of raw power, minimized fuel consumption, and lowered exhaust emissions that keep this vehicle kind to the environment and budget friendly as well.  The all-wheel drivetrain allows drivers the feeling of safety and security in almost any weather condition, while the stability control system assists in surefire drivability for even the novice winter weather driver.  No matter what mother nature throws at your car, the 500x is ready.

With a starting price of twenty thousand dollars, this particular Fiat 500 offers a small sized crossover vehicle for a fair price, without stripping it of fun and revolutionary features.  With the addition of fun technology features like multiple USB ports and a personalized driver information center, the 500x manages to keep things updated, without breaking the bank.   While other automotive dealers offer their trim levels with complicated lettering systems or an array of complex numbers, the Fiat keeps it funky with trim levels like Pop, Easy, Trekking, and Lounge versions.

Many optional features are available in the 500x, depending on the trim level chosen.  Rest assured, however, that even the highest trim level has a starting price well under $30K.  From optional Beats Audio speakers to integrated 6.5-inch full-color GPS navigation system.  The highest trim level offers the best of the best when it comes to safety and technology features, including parking assist, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross path detection.  It also is constructed using a top of the line steel safety frame that maximizes driver and passenger protection in the event of a collision.

While Fiat has only been mass produced in the United States for less than ten years, they have a long-standing automotive history in Italy.  One of the more popular cars for driving in Europe, Fiat has known long-standing success in a competitive market.  They burst onto the U.S. automotive scene with a fresh and fun face for smaller vehicles, and have increased in popularity over the years.  There are many options when it comes to a crossover vehicle, but very few of these offer the same features offered on the base model Fiat 500x.

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