Expression without caution and its effects on women


Recently, Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders singer) came under attack after her comments enraged fellow feminists when she dared to claim she was responsible for the sexual assault she experienced long ago.

On the surface it may seem unfair for her to take the blame for such a heinous act, but she admits that she shares in that responsibility by being drunk, high and choosing to get on the back of a stranger’s bike; implying that if she had made a more responsible decision, it wouldn’t have happened. And she’s right.

She further stated that if “I’m walking around in my underwear and drunk…who else’s fault could it be?” This made many women furious. But why? Why would stating that women should take some responsibility in how they present themselves such a bad thing, when in fact, this is what true feminism is?

The Women’s Suffrage movement was for the purpose of women gaining equal rights and privileges as men when it came to the economic and political decisions for themselves and their country. This came on the heels of WWI when women were given a huge responsibility during the absence of their husbands. It proved that woman could handle the responsibility with grace and showed how pivotal they were in society as a whole, not only in voting but also as leaders.

So, why would being mindful of how we present ourselves go against women’s rights?

If a woman wants to be equal with a man then that means taking full responsibility for her actions. For example; if you leave your front door unlocked at night, then you’re taking the chance of a thief breaking in. This of course doesn’t mean the person who committed the crime isn’t at fault, it only means that we must step back and take a look at why the crime happened in the first place. This isn’t the case in every situation, but the majority of the time it plays a major role.

In a perfect world there wouldn’t be men who wanted to sexually assault women. But, it’s not the case nor has it ever been and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Feminists need to understand the real world and what the true effects of caution-less expression has on our gender. I can assure you, exposing nipples and butt cheeks is not helping women.

Sexual expression is a delusion that the woman who expresses herself in a such a way is somehow free, when in fact she’s just feeding the desires of men and turning herself into an object. Make no mistake, it sets women back to the turn of the century.

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