Etsy’s days may be numbered with Amazon hitting the market

Chances are that Etsy really has nothing to worry about. The handmade goods company has such a broad base of users and satisfied makers that even a company the size of Amazon shouldn’t be able to make them disappear soon. However, it is Amazon that we’re talking about, so Etsy might just be on its way out.

The launch of Amazon Handmade continues to help the product retailer and delivery service to expand into the lucrative market of personal goods, but that doesn’t mean that Etsy will die. Time will tell. Here’s what Business Insider had to say about it all:

One important thing we don’t know yet: the commission structure for Amazon Homemade. Etsy takes 3.5% of the price and a flat 20 cents per listing, but Amazon charges its own 3rd-party sellers a 15% commission. If Amazon sticks to that structure, it’ll have trouble luring Etsy sellers away.

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