Egyptian still jailed without trial for passing out Bibles

Coptic Christians in Egypt

Egypt, an allegedly secular country that seems more like a Muslim state of late, is not the safest place for Christians to pass out Bibles. That didn’t stop one man who has had his 15-day jail stay reinstated for another 15-days just before he was set for release.

When 35-year-old Medhat Ishak went to El-Arab Mall to pass out Bibles on August 7, he knew he was taking a chance of getting arrested. He probably didn’t anticipate that the judge overseeing his charges would keep him in jail before trial for at least 30-days as a result. His lawyer fears that he’ll be kept in jail indefinitely.

A new set of charges were placed on top of the original charges, giving the judge justification for prolonging his pre-trial jail time. Both his lawyer and civil rights groups believe that the judge is going to continue to keep Ishak in jail until trial which will likely end in conviction.

The Coptic Christian was passing out Bibles outside of the mall to Muslims. It’s the type of action that takes both bravery and perhaps a desire to be persecuted for the sake of his faith. The challenges for Christians in Muslim countries are often much worse than jail time. Today, despite limited press coverage in the west, Christians are risking their lives just for being Christians.

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