The Dutch are importing prisoners from Norway

The Dutch are importing prisoners from Norway

Norway is sending several hundred of its convicted criminals to the Netherlands to serve their sentences in Dutch prisons because there is no room for them in their home country. On the other hand, the Netherlands is closing down many of its jails due to the number of empty cells, making this pretty much a win-win for both countries.

The general staff for these prisons will be Dutch, but the prisons will have Norwegian management and will be run according to Norwegian rules. Junior justice minister Fred Teeven, who is in charge of the prison service, says the agreement with the Norwegian authorities will

Teeven has confirmed that all of the Norwegian convicts will have been sentenced to at least two years in jail and will include people who have been found guilty of both violent crimes and sex crimes. However, those who have been labeled as a flight risk or an extreme danger to society will not be sent to the Netherlands.

According to the media in Norway, the deal could also include foreign nationals who have been convicted of crimes in Norway. Norway’s justice minister Anders Anundsen said in a statement: “It could also be prisoners who have foreign citizenship and are to be deported from Norway. Those who must get out of the country.”

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