Do many suffer from ‘Clinton Fatigue’?

Hillary Clinton Fatigue

After 8-years of Bill Clinton in the White House and another decade of Hillary Clinton in Congress and as Secretary of State, the couple have become a fixture in American politics. Some are wondering if they’re overstayed their welcome, particularly with the rash of scandals that have followed Presidential candidate Clinton since before she announced that she was running for a second time in eight years.

A new video from KeepThePromise1 does a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of ailing patients in a medical center who are suffering from “Clinton Fatigue” according to the actor playing a doctor. The group, not officially aligned with any campaigns or PACs but that clearly supports GOP candidate Ted Cruz, does a nice job of painting a picture that’s really more indicative of what Democrats are likely feeling than Republicans. The left has been hesitant to jump on (or even form) a Clinton bandwagon to consolidate the party under her which means that rumors of Joe Biden running might be a welcome addition to the race.

Not all agree.

Some even say he’s deliberately waiting to see what happens next.

Here’s the video:

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